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VDMA – Mechanical Engineering Industry Association Textile Machinery Association

VDMA Mechanical Engineering Industry Association

With more than 3,200 members, VDMA is the largest network organization for mechanical engineering in Europe. The association represents the common economic, technological and scientific interests of this diverse industry.

Constantly looking to the future has been a key characteristic of VDMA for over 125 years. VDMA was founded in November 1892 and is the most important voice for the mechanical engineering industry today. It represents the issues of the mechanical and plant engineering sector in Germany and Europe. It successfully accompanies its members in global markets. Its technical expertise, industry knowledge and straightforward positioning make it a recognized and valued point of contact for companies as well as the general public, science, administration and policy makers.

Textile Machinery Association

The roundabout 130 textile technology manufacturers organised within the VDMA Textile Machinery Association represent approximately 95 % of Germany’s total production volume in this field. The main activities of the Textile Machinery Association are economic and technical representation of the branch’s interest, exchange of experiences as well as services such as statistics, observation of significant markets and reporting on the situation in the textile industry throughout the world. In addition, the Association supports the world’s largest international textile machinery exhibition ITMA (June 20 – 26, 2019, Barcelona, Spain, German technology is also presented during VDMA conferences, B2B meetings and business delegations worldwide towards relevant stakeholders from the textile and nonwoven industry.

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VDMA – Mechanical Engineering Industry Association
Textile Machinery Association
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60528 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 6603-1271
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