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About us

Sedo Treepoint - Experts in process optimization
We globally develop and supply integrated systems for the textile dyeing and finishing industry. Experts in all areas of textile finishing, Sedo-Treepoint uses it’s considerable skills to combine the development of software, hardware, mechanical and electrical engineering, offering our customers a range of tools that will assist in managing the increasing demands of their market.

Our company has been developing and producing benchmark products for 35 years. Our systems, operating in all areas of textile finishing, have improved both quality and productivity. Furthermore the production data logged by our systems, plays a key role in helping management not only to make the right decisions but also to achieve appropriate company certifications. Using our systems to enable the latest production methods can help our customers avoid wasting water and power thus reducing both bills and CO2 emissions.

Products and services

  • Sedomat machine controllers for dyeing and finishing, PLC’s, I/O modules and sensors for machine automation.
  • Software for central production planning and supervision
  • Data acquisition
  • Recipe and color management software for laboratory and production
  • Quality control systems for laboratory and production
  • MES system, Production planning, routing, ERP, ERP integration
  • Energy management systems, printing management




The Windows based software package ColorMaster is an expert system for recipe management and color measurement. In the laboratory ColorMaster allows the best and most cost-effective recipe to be calculated. For production the integrated processes within ColorMaster offer the best possible treatment and define the correct dye program.

Sedomat 5500+

Sedomat 5500+

Advanced touch screen controller with modular I/O
The new Sedomat 5500+ gives a better user experience by offering a modern design and user-friendly interface. Now being water-proof to IP67, it guarantees high quality and reliabilty for rugged environments. Having RFID support, it offers new possibilities in data aquisition.



SedoMaster is a Windows based solution, designed to manage the dye house or an entire textile finishing plant. SedoMaster provides everyone, from the operator to the chief executive with an integrated solution, allowing them to manage recipes, processes and reports. SedoMaster supports all required interfaces to other systems such as chemical dispensing, recipe management and ERP.

News & Innovations

Two new software packages for production management and printing released 

SedoExpert is an ERP/MES expert platform designed to manage a modern textile factories and to operate within a completely integrated, automated environment. SedoExpert supports the following operations:

  • Knitting, weaving mills
  • Fabric dye houses (exhaust and continuous)
  • Yarn dye houses
  • Printing mills
  • Laundries
  • Denim Plants

SedoExpert can handle Customer Orders, Production Orders, Inventory, Planning, Billing, MIS and much more.
Connected to the integrated MES systems like SedoMaster, ColorMaster, PrintMaster and EnergyMaster, the data is available also on machine level, resulting in an fully optimized production process.

PrintMaster is a MES platform designed to manage modern textile
printing factories or companies having a printing department.
Printing operation management comprises:

  • Orders Management and Execution
  • Samples/ Quotations Management
  • Quality Management
  • Inventory Management & Costing

Printing Expert System:

  • Processing expert
  • New Products Development Expert
  • Designs and Combinations
  • Recipes Management
  • Rest paste management


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